Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Model behaviour

I should keep a clipping of this article in my pocket for when people ask me what I've got against private schools receiving public funds.

Exemption from public standards of equality and legislated protections against discrimination, yet still entitled to public funds...

Not. Cool.

In other news, I have resigned myself to the fact that Ten won't be resuscitating Australian Princess (woe!) and have now reoriented my perverse attachment to girly reality shows towards the upcoming series of Australia's Next Top Model.

Without delving too deeply into this year's bundle of contestants...

...more disturbing than the fact the Alyce was born in the nineties, yet still resembles an adult (yes, I am in the midst of an age crisis), is that her 'secret weapon' will be to bust out a sneaky rendition of Whigfield's 1996 smash 'Sexy Eyes'.

Although, ANTM will have some pretty high standards to live up to, in terms of blogging fodder.

Kylie Booby still makes me snigger.

I'd pick Kylie as my date to a homophobic private school formal any day!