Monday, November 05, 2007

Four on the floor

Dear Australian Idol,

Whilst this final four does come across as a bit of a joke, I want you to know it is NOT FUNNY ANYMORE.

But, I am prepared to be patient. I just know that any minute now, the real finalists are going to jump out from behind the couch and surprise us all. You know, the finalists who can sing and who are at least partly interesting...

Let's face it, 25% of your final four comprises a one-man tribute band to Michael Buble (who himself, is pretty much a one-man tribute band to original artists - so Carl, you are doubly unoriginal), and as we all know, tribute bands belong at the Revesby Workers Club or the Epping Hotel, and not on national telly!

Quite frankly, I preferred your earlier attempts at humour.

And could you please pass a message on to the work experience hair and make-up TAFE students 'Confidence team' stylists - having the filthiest of the finalists shower in the kitchen sink is likely to score you an 'F' on your final TAFE exam exceedingly inadequate.

The caption reads "Marty skips the shower and gives his hair a quick rinse".

But perhaps that just fits in with this year's theme - 'Australian Idol 2007 - really quite disappointing'.

Yours sincerely

Previously gruntled viewer


Sam said...

I've been making jokes about Marty being a filthmonger all season. Having it come true is less than satisfying.

FranklinBluth said...

while i agree with you re:grug, Carl has improved and Natalie & Matt are both very talented and one of them *cough* natalie *cough* is entertaining and gorgeous. Stop being such a whiney drama queen.

Woodsman said...

Carl remains absolutely horrendous and the only thing that suggests any improvement is that his voice is so weak you can hardly hear him sing - he seems to have embraced this.

I can so see John Foreman, Daryl Somers and Carl being life long best buddies.

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Drover's Dog said...

Natalie is the best of a bad bunch.. but that said I think we should take the Idol blinkers off, just like CSH has, and see the top 4 (now 3) for what they are.. untalented famewhores.. Spot on with "really quite disappointing", this year has been a shambles.

And for all the people who think last year was any better, Damien Leith with the crooked teeth belongs on a cruise ship or at the Epping Hotel just as much as Carl does. His high pitched wailing makes my hair stand on end, and not in a good way.

comicstriphero said...

Well franklinbluth, if you don't like me at least David Stefanini does. So ners.

But in all honesty, you are right that within the group, Natalie and Matt do benefit from comparison with Carl and the now defunct Marty. T

However, I don't see any problem with taking a wider perspective (as drover's dog has done) and forming a judgement as to whether I find these finalists to be adequately talented and interesting in terms of the wider pop music scene.

After all, that's the scene they will be attempting to inhabit in future...

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