Thursday, October 30, 2008

All poo puns intended

Srsly, I do not want to read another word about the poolato incident at the Coogee Bay Hotel!

Everywhere I turn, there's yet another pointless 'update' - yet another quote from the 'victims' about how 'disgusted' they are.


You ate poo and you were disgusted? No!

People, this is not news!

I swear, we'll still be seeing 'updates' of this story next January.
In this month's bumper holiday edition of Women's Weekly - Belinda Neal's sensational new shaping underwear! Super-fun holiday knit patterns! Poo-eater Jessica Whyte's fail-safe teeth whitening revolution: "turn that brown frown upside down!"


Georg said...

I am SO OVAH this shit too. Ahem. I did laugh though when I heard the the alleged poo eater on PM yesterday afternoon:
"JESSICA WHYTE: We're happy that it's come out and confirmed because we just want the facts to be revealed and we just want to get on with it. We want this to be over. The only thing I would say is that it confirms that I unfortunately had faeces in my mouth."

The tone of her voice at that last sentence was just priceless.

Kid A said...

If you want it to be over, then STOP TALKING ABOUT IT!!

Belinda Neal's sensational new shaping underwear - now that's a much more interesting concept.