Sunday, October 30, 2005

Emily Roxs!


I totally heart Emily!

Stuff youse all, especially Daniel Spillane! Foreigner??? Double-u tee eff?

If there was some kind of phrase book, with illustrations, and you looked up "waste of skin", you would so totally find a picture of Daniel Spillane (but someone would probably have defaced it or somethin', with little horns coming out of his head, and a hitler-moustache and cross-eyes - oh wait, he already has those...)

Yeah, so anyway. Everyone else sux0rs compared to Emily.



tonch said...

Emily was hot! Though I do admire Kate with all that throat business going on.

But Emily... !!!!

comicstriphero said...

Yeah, she is the hawtness.

Hurrah! No more Daniel Spillane!

Good riddance! Jerk.

TLA said...


Daniel is teh goner!


comicstriphero said...

Yeah, but I wish he had cried or something.