Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Machine gun blogging

George W Bush offers his assistance to survivors of cyclone Larry.

So is he proposing to apply the same skills and knowledge that he brought to the Hurricane Katrina aftermath?

Run for your lives Queenslanders!!!

I saw John Howard relaying this on the news this evening and I reckon even he had trouble supressing a smirk.

Unrelatedly, here is a collection of really crap phrases and terms I come in contact with daily and hate:
1 'Forward strategy' - who is going to have 'backward strategy'? Apart from historical revisionists I guess....
2 'Forward planning' - see above
3 'Strategic planning' - what other kind of planning is there?
4 Any use of the word 'savvy'
5 Continued use of the phrase 'surf the web'

Even more unrelatedly, if I am to base my opinions and beliefs on what I see on Channel 9 (and why wouldn't I - the Government appears to think there is nothing wrong with us accessing fewer sources of news and opinion) then the Commonwealth Games consists solely of swimming events and the only country competing is Australia.

Huzzah for blind nationalism! Insularity and jingoism can't possibly do us any harm, can it?

Natural disasters, crimes against the English language, sport and cutting edge media policy analysis. What more could one want in a blog?

Happy 50th post to me.


Georg said...

Yes, I saw Howard announce the assistance offer from the White House. He was smirking, as if he'd just asked the most popular girl in the school to the formal and she accepted. Aahhh, John Howard as a teenager in love...on second thoughts...bleugh.

Some phrases I will add:

'get some traction'
'take this offline'
'going forward'

JahTeh said...

May I add teens calling each other 'dude' and 'bro' as if we truly are the latest state of America.

As for the disaster I am not eating imported bananas and cutting down on sugar until Qld's back in business.