Monday, July 03, 2006

I'm multi-tasking!

Puff puff ... blogging whilst riding my ... puff puff... exercise bike.

I'm such a modern woman.

Anyway, everyone just needs to settle down about this whole Big Baloney Brother malarkey. And by that I mean I think there is a predictable outcome to all the scary talk of increased Government censorship.

I know there are a lot of people out there getting upset about what the Government may or may not do by way of a regulatory response.

To my mind, the proposals for instant axing, or closer parliamentary scrutiny of television programming are coming from the real loony right of the Coalition (and some 'independent' loonies). The news media likes to give air to these loony proposals but at the same time, are readying their not insubstantial guns to fight like hell any move away from the de facto self-regulation their massive lobbying power has bought them.

In addition to that, Howard is (unfortunately) quite clever and knows that he has to be seen to be 'doing something' in response to the harping, screeching 'family' values types.

But at the same time, he knows how scared the average punter is of any kind of extremism, left or right. So, I reckon he has to let these extreme views get some kind of airing, but when it comes down to it, knows that no one is really going swallow a North Korean broadcasting model.

So we all just need to calm down for a while and let the hoo-ha pass over. Soon Howard will get back to one his many 'core' victimisation policies.

Or maybe the endorphins are making me inappropriately optimistic...?


weasel said...

An interesting perspective.

What's your take on Beazley's attempt to out-Howard Howard on the issue? And also of whtether the show manufactures this sort of behaviour on the part of contestants or whether it simply reflects the sorry state of the world?

Zoe said...

Beazley is from a line of morally super-conservative Christians - his comments on this are entirely in line with past statements on this type of issue. (For example, his dad is a patron of the Australian Family Association - check ="">their site out for an eye-opener.)

Zoe said...

and pls pardon my link idiocy