Saturday, July 15, 2006


Meet Tobias.

One hour since coming home from the RSPCA and he's found the middle of the couch.

He'll fit in here quite nicely.


snorky said...

what a handsome kitty - and a fine name indeed and one that, importantly, did not bags what we had in mind

TLA said...

zomfg!!!! who's a cute liddle kitty?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Who's the cutest kitty ever (since Shaka was a kitty)?!?!?!?1

Tobias is, that's who!

Cool name, btw.

I now expect to see you turning up to lunches with myriad teeny tiny scratches all over your arms and hands.

I wish we had a liddle kitty . . . not just a grumpy old man.


Pavlov's Cat said...

Oh oh oh oh oh ooohhhhh ......

*Faints from excess of cuteness*

*Comes to*

Silver tabby kitten on fuchsia and thundercloud cushions. Don't you love the way they head unerringly for the soft-furnishing hues that suit them best?

weasel said...

OOOH!! He's adorabubble!

Now you've made me wish for the patter of little paws... but alas I already have Mr Reinhold and Mses Bouvier and Pandora.

Obviously though I heart the name Tobias. Cats should always have slightly posh names.

Will you get him a friend??

Georg said...

The influence of Arrested Development I assume...very cute though. (But why didn't you name him Gob...)

Ampersand Duck said...

Oh, what a handsome face!

+ What Pav's Cat said.

We expect lots of Tobias posts now. Plus dressups!