Sunday, October 22, 2006

Recapping reneging

The only smile I got out of tonight’s episode of Idol was when the LovelyWife told me her shortlist of song choices for tonight’s “rock swing” theme (ie, take an ordinary song and turn it into shopping centre music):

Nine Inch Nails – Closer
Machinegun fellatio – Pussytown
Pussycat dolls - Dontcha

Imagine those songs performed 'big-band' style, it will all make perfect sense to you.

Let’s face it people, the recapping thing is ovah. A big fat fad like pole dancing, slap bands, and hyper-colour t-shirts.

Instead, please enjoy this picture of Tobias.

See? That was much more interesting than 3 pages of me saying "oh my god I hate Chris Murphy", "Lisa Mitchell only has a one-octave range" or "Damien Leith has 18th century teeth".


Ampersand Duck said...

oh my, hasn't he grown?

[wipes tear from eye with lace hanky]

weasel said...

TLW has clearly been **plagiarising** me, as I am often to be found singing 'Closer' in swing style.


Mindy said...

My god, you're right. What a lovely cat.

Sam said...

Can I add 'Milkshake', 'Detachable Penis' and 'Short Dick Man' to your list?

Would certainly add a little sparkle to my evening sojourns to Coles of a weeknight...

weasel said...

Actually, "Dirrty" would be a totally rockin' swing song...