Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Up for anything

“I like a bloke who is man enough to wear pink.”

Um, it’s not a bloke, it’s a goddamn freaking bear!

What are we expected to believe here? Is it:
a) Women are so ditzy they’re not going to notice they are hitting on a bear? or
b) Women are attracted to (big, stupid, boozey, blokey, dim witted) polar bears

So it’s looking good for Australian women.

Sheer stupidity or beastiality.


Ampersand Duck said...

heh. nothing's changed, has it?

shula said...

I may be coming out here, but I've always had a thing for polar bears.

So that's beastiality (1), sheer stupidity....

JahTeh said...

After some of the blokes I've gone out with, the bear's looking good.

Anonymous said...

that's all you bloody women want - say that you want consideration, say that you want intelligence, but all you bloody want is a big white bear

shits me it does

Anonymous said...

Get a life (and a sense of the ridiculous). It's a bloody ad!

comicstriphero said...

Get a life (and a sense of the ridiculous). It's a bloody ad!

No, YOU get a life.

You know what I'm over? People who think anything goes in advertisements.

Ariel said...

Here, here - Lee ads, anyone? I don't know how they can say they're NOT child pornography. The girl may be 18+, but tell me she doesn't look 14. And one of the ads features her in bed naked with creepy photographer.