Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Supplementary disambiguation

Further to my previous, hard-hitting expose of the office sign, it seems things here have taken a turn for the worse unbelievably whacko.

A new sign has appeared in our diseased heck-hole 'kitchen'.

As you can see, it features a photo of the kitchen, in what I can only presume is the clean and tidy state which the anonymous freak sign-poster thinks is what we should all be aiming for:

I'm tempted to print off and post up a sign suggesting that: "So that we can all enjoy our day at work without feeling like we are being watched at all times, please seek help for your chronic nagging problem and leave us all the f*ck alone."

I don't think I will though as I am worried about clogging up the walls in there what with the other new addition - this hilarious plaque.

Oh dear - my guts have just spilled out all over the floor. Seems my sides have split, yet again.

Better clean it up!


Ampersand Duck said...

Oh, please keep doing this. I love mad office people, as long as they're not MY office madpeople. Yours are doozies. (or is it a singular doozie?)

I think a cat is stuck in your doorbitch: mewewspb!

Mick said...

I reckon you would just have to look around your workplace for a lady with tight puckered lips, a really bad sense of fashion, an immaculate desk and LOTS of time on her hands.

Then you'll find her.

Oh...and then MESS UP HER DESK when she's not around...

comicstriphero said...

Mick - I reckon I've worked out who it is.

Funnily enough, she meets that description!

Although the giveaway was when I caught her pouring a bucket of bleach over all the fixtures in the kitchen...

Duck - it is probably Tobias, he specialises in working his way into difficult places.

thisisme said...

I've been spoilt since I changed jobs - we have cleaners in the kitchen 3 times a day. I miss officious signs in the kitchen. I never thought I'd say that.

Sam said...

The solution here is obvious: continue to be "messy" (ie, not obsessively clean) in the kitchen. I mean, this lady doesn't WANT people to be tidy, really. She wants people to be dirty, so that she can maintain her excuse to look down on others and feel self-righteous. If you do keep the kitchen scrupulously clean, she might turn her attentions to more worthwhile causes - which benefits no one.

Mikhela said...

I consulted at an organisation recently and there were signs in each toilet saying 'Please leave the cubicle in a clean and tidy state'. What was going on there?