Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Bourgeois malcontent

I wish they'd told me that there are responsibilities and commitments tied to this office-endowing new job of mine.

Who'd of thunk it? Not me, apparently.

I was perfectly content to just while away the hours in my realm of massively increased personal space decorating the place with astro-boy paraphernalia and reeling off the odd sneaky (but unheard) burp.

But people keep coming to me for decisions on things. Actual decisions. With implications attached and everything.

I missed State of Origin 1 because I was stuck up at Parliament House until after 11pm.

There should have been something in my sign-on agreement about proper recompense for missing live coverage of sporting events of cultural importance and national significance.

And there's a danger that tonight I'll miss a first-run Simpsons. I mean, come on people! This is getting out of hand.

They've even given me a weekend-ruining device work mobile phone that I 'must carry' at all times. Ruiners.

You'd think I'd go home, rather than sit here and take the time to compose and format a lengthy complaint about being at work late.

But oftentimes, it is the worst kind of 'working late' - where one is waiting on information from someone else before one can meet one's own deadlines.

Mega-uber sigh.


Mikhela said...

So far your work doesn't sound very much like something off 'The West Wing'.
I think it's your attitude. I never saw CJ having a life of her own.

Mindy said...

In times of extreme need you could always use 'oh I forgot to recharge the battery, and I didn't notice it was flat' excuse. But it only works a couple of times.