Sunday, December 21, 2008

Because I always appreciate getting new music tips from other people...

December playlist:

(Each track is also from an album well worth your time in exploring)
  1. Never Miss a Beat Kaiser Chiefs (Off With Their Heads)
  2. I'm Not Going to Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance With You Black Kids (Partie Traumatic)
  3. You Wouldn't Like Me Tegan and Sara (So Jealous)
  4. Hit the Heartbreaks Black Kids (Partie Traumatic)
  5. Walking on a Dream Empire of the Sun (Walking on a Dream)
  6. Midnight Coward Stars (In Our Bedroom After the War)
  7. Revelry Kings Of Leon (Only By the Night)
  8. Notion Kings of Leon (Only By the Night)
  9. Human The Killers (Day & Age)
  10. Sweet Disposition Temper Trap (Sweet Disposition - single)
That last one is astonishingly good, acktchelly.

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Georg said...

And if the Black Kids haven't listened to a Cure album or two I"m not a fat old lesbian. Seriously, there is a lot of 'influenced by The Cure' around lately. (Where are the "influenced by The Smiths" I say)

I have enjoyed The Killers album but as one of my Twitter people (ahem) said lately "Someone needs to tell The Killers it's not ACTUALLY the 80s". Still, I do love their use of saxophone on the latest LP, it's very Billy Joel...