Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Saw this in the freezer section of woolies t'other day...

I honestly can't decide whether:
  1. This is a practical joke gone wrong awesomely right. Ie, junior marketing type comes up with this product name as a joke, expecting it to be ruled out somewhere up the hierarchy or at least in focus-groups. But it didn't, and now it's in stores everywhere; OR
  2. This actually tested well in focus groups and no one else shares my cerebral brand of humour.
Having immersed myself recently in Mad Men, I also can't rid myself of the image of Don Draper, dressed immaculately, holding a glass of whiskey and whistfully smoking a cigarette (or four), delivering a meaningful sermon on how 'Breast Munchies' will tap the unfulfilled desires of housewives across 1960s America.

So in conclusion, *massive snigger*!!!


JahTeh said...

It must be a Sydney thing, I haven't seen it in Melbourne.

I can hear the sniggering of teen-age boys already.

Your brand of humour is shared.

TimT said...

There seems to be an epidemic of sniggering on the internet at the moment.

This can only be a good thing.

Word verification: cednersa. Snigger, it has arse in it.

JahTeh said...

Your brand of humour is insidious.
I saw 'Breast fingers' in the freezer compartment last week.