Saturday, January 10, 2009

Have you heard of the youtube?*

I'm sure by now everyone's typed "Single ladies" into youtube and been blown away by random people recreating, with varying degrees of success, the lip-smacking choreography in Beyonce's film clip.

If not, for shame! And get thee clicky-clicky on this, this and this, stat!

But to add that, check out this clip of 'j-setting', dubbed over with Unk's Walk it Out (said to be Beyonce's inspiration):

As well as being 100% youtubey goodness, it also solves a long-running mystery for me - just where did Jane Turner get the inspiration for Kath Day-Knight's moves!

*Title taken from real life question asked of me about a year ago, by someone who pretends to know about computers. Oh the hilarity!