Sunday, February 12, 2006

It's a mixed bag

Seven is now promoting its new Mincing With the Stars series.

Just when you thought the crapulence quota was teetering on the edge of explosion, Seven now has Simone Warne as a contestant, who they are promoting as a 'celebrity mum'.

I can just imagine the PR schmoes at Seven, sitting around fighting each other over whether it should be 'celebrity child-support recipient' or 'single mum', and so they just combined the two to come up with the hysterically deceiving 'celebrity mum'.

But then again, if they can sell Dayrl Somers as some form of entertainment, I guess they can sell anything.

On another note, after coming up with the year's best one-liner last week (I warned you I was biased), the LovelyWife topped that effort by passing her test and getting her motorcycle P plates, without dropping a single point.

Always good to see a lady on a scooter blitz a test in the midst of the bluff and bravado of big burly blokey bikies (who later failed - heh). Gotta love shadenfraude.

So now I am trying to convince her to get one o'these:


Sensible financial decisions be damned!

Let impulse and vehicle-related debt live forever!

I guess we'd need to get ourselves a cosmopolitan lifestyle to go with one of those little babies.

I am willing to make sacrifices and move to Italy in order to make sure our lives match her new scooter.

Very big of me, don't you think?


Zoe said...

I totally approve of the Vespa, and Canberra is an ideal scootering location.

But my inner pedant screams no to crapulent. Although the show is purest crap, to be sure.

comicstriphero said...

Scream away. Although I didn't even know 'crapulent' were an honest to goodness proper word.

'Crapulence' was just a concoction to denote a significant level of crapola. You know, comic use of language 'n' that?

Georg said...

What's wrong with the Mojito??? Can I have it??