Monday, February 20, 2006

Weekend pictorial

I think this counts as my most ecclectic weekend in some time.

I rode a 1940 BSA 500 vintage motorcycle:

I decorated a child's birthday cake (thankyou Women's Weekly birthday cookbook!):

(They say it's a 'monster', but I'm not sure how close we got to the real thing with this effort).

I went to said child's birthday picnic (hopefully he'll grow into the bike he got as a present):

And, I went to the mardi gras Fair Day, which I was a bit unsurprised to learn now features the world's most over-zealous security guards, confiscating people's alocohol at the gate and ensuring that no one had any kind of spontaneous fun. It seems that these days the only kind of fun to be had must be paid for or must easily attract corporate sponsorship.

But anway, it was a typical stinking-hot, super-humid fair-day, complete with extra-vain gay-boys, cranky dykes and a smattering of drag queens with heat-defying make-up.

It also seems now that every single cause, no matter how whacky or loony, has made fair day its home. How else can I explain the presence of the Raelians, who were being avoided in droves, despite this enticing invitation:

My fair day 'mission' this year was to register with the Dykes on Bikes to ride at the front of the parade in a couple of weeks time. Mission accomplished!

So please start sending in some costume ideas keeping in mind that leather can be very expensive and difficult to look after.


Georg said...

Were they confiscating alcohol?? We got in with a six-pack and a bottle of wine purchased from Liquorland after we spotted the long lines at the bar...

Perhaps I am getting old but I am finding MG is becoming less relevant each year. (Cue hand-wringing and gnashing of teeth from the Sydney Gay Community (TM)).

Zoe said...

My fave Dyke on Bike outfit I've seen was a firey - big yellow pants, a tight blue singlet and red braces. Big yellow pants can of course be removed for later slinky partying!

Anonymous said...

They weren't technically confiscating the alchohol. I saw and heard a security guard who looked 12 and a half saying to a baby dyke (the spiky hair with 3 litres of hair product and a labret piercing gave her away) that she could take her Crownie in if she drank it "discreetly". Where does a 12 and a half year old learn a big word like "discreetly"? And since when do baby dykes drink Crown Lager?!?

I am still kicking myself for not picking up some new things at the Tupperware tent!

Ampersand Duck said...

Great weekend. Love the cake. 'Monster' is a wonderful excuse for anything! Yeah, go the Firey. Anything rescue-oriented is hot.

missyfan said...

I'm trying to figure out what the monster cake's eyebrows are made out of...

comicstriphero said...

Anonymous - wow! we must have been entering fair day at exactly the same time at exactly the same entry point! We should hook up some time.

Duck - rescue-oriented eh? I was thinking of just getting one of those johnny howard masks but I like the idea.

Missyfan - I thought I told you earlier, this is a family blog. The eyebrows are chocolate bullets.

snorky said...

was hoping to come up with a useful dress suggestion – now I like animals, me, but I have come up with little that scans or rhymes quite as nicely as dykes on bikes:

squirrels on whee-ls?
otters on scooters?
hooters on scooters? – owl costumes are grand but not sure about the double entendre

Microsoft has suggested scrambler as a synonym for motor bike – so my best suggestion is that you go as a panda on a scrambler

alternatively if we look at makes:
with a bit of poetic license Pandas could also go on Hondas (such a versatile animal)
two batties/catties on a Ducatti – bit twee
Heffalumps on Triumphs
Barkies (dogs) on Kawasakis
Hyenas on Beemas
Pumas on Yamahas
cheetahs on Vespas
Barley on Harley –but grain is, of course, always tricky costume wise

obviously a decent bear costume will get you through any social situation, but I know you want to do something a bit different for this

Georg said...

Actually, the eyebrows were raspberry bullets. A development in the bullet industry I was ignorant of until my son's birthday. The left-overs went down a treat in the office. I suggest everyone gives them a try.