Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Mexican fiesta!

The LovelyWife and I will be descending on Melbourne this weekend. Partly to watch the Swans play Carlton. Partly just to get the feck out of Canberra.

Here are a few things I know will happen:

I will get sick (I always get sick when going on holiday or after a busy time at work). Actually I can feel a bit of a sore throat coming on now…. Cough. I think I need a placebo.

We will get on the wrong tram and end up in some really bad suburb where people get knifed just walking down the street (which I guess is better than Sydney, where one gets shot in one's home these days).

We will find out that Melbourne’s advertising campaign is really just a load of bollocks and the fact that Melbourne has a lot of cafes doesn’t actually mean it is ‘European’. They serve ‘fancy coffee’ in bloody roadhouses on the Pacific Highway these days, you know.

It will rain a lot.

The Swans will lose.

As I am from Sydney, next week you should all look forward to a post from me detailing how shit everything in Melbourne is (“what do you mean, there’s no harbour?!?!” or “Sure, an efficient public transport system is nice, but where’s the gridlock?!?!?! There’s no charm without gridlock!” ).


Anonymous said...

I saw the placebo thing live. I was watching the show, making fun of how horribly it is presented. And then he said it. And i looked at my girlfriend, and we couldn't figure out if it were a joke. And it wasn't.

Oh, how we laughed.

TLA said...

I now feel honour/duty-bound to mount some kind of defence about ol' Melbourne town.

I'm sure you can imagine the kinds of things I would have said - there's really no point in me repeating it, is there?

Melbourne: hurray?

Tempest said...

I am with TLA.

As a reformed Sydney person who relocated to Melbourne I fell I should defend ol' Melbourne Town.

But the weather is due to be shit here this weekend.

Oh well there is always The Glasshouse. There will be a fire lit.

snorky said...

my word for verification is rfbugo

how cool is that!

another valuable contribution

comicstriphero said...

TLA - Tempest: don't worry, I don't really dislike Melbourne. I'm sure it's nice, in its own way.

Snorky - I like your little avatar. It almost looks like he is clapping.