Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Hold the phone!

Beyonce and some other bird Eva Longoria to play Kitty Butler and Nan Astley in saucy lesbian movie, Tipping the Velvet?!!?

Did someone say ‘completely unlikely casting’ and 'completely unlikely Hollywood movie project'?

At first I wasn’t quite sure whether Beyonce was going to fit plausibly into a) a Victorian-era English oyster town or b) a Victorian era English theatre group.

But, being all open minded and such, I thought it would be best that I let her at least try the role, before going all judgemental on Sofia Coppola’s ass and firing up with the “not as good as the novel” or “not as good as the BBC adaptation” vitriol.

Yes, I’ll begrudgingly drag myself along to the absolute first showing of the movie just to determine once and for all, who is sexier in a corset, Beyonce or Keeley Hawes examine whether the adaptation is accurate or not.
'Your Victorian-era sex toys got me acting so crazy right now'

'Well at least I have an English accent...and can act'

Doing my bit for society, see.

Edit: Yes, I totally and completely knew this story was bollocks all along. I definitely was not suckered in. Not even just a teensy weensy bit. Not for a minute. Nuh-uh. Not me.



Georg said...

No. Way. I don't care who it is, Rachel Sterling IS Nan Astley. And who is going to be Florence?

shula said...

workin' real hard to get my head around that one.

A bodice ripper indeed.

JahTeh said...

Enjoyed the BBC adaptation but I can't imagine what the Yanks will do to it.
And Beyonce!!! Might as well turn it into a comedy with a team of muppets.

Georg said...

Miss Piggy as Florence?

(I know it's a hoax but lets run with this eh?)

Anonymous said...

"at least I have an English accent ... and can act"

and am as hot as a hot hot thing from the hottest part of hot town