Sunday, November 05, 2006

More in the series "Parking I have not enjoyed"

I mean, come on!

They paint big white lines on the ground for you to aim between! How hard can it be?!?!?

And these people are allowed to vote.


Anonymous said...

Clearly parking properly is too much of an intellectual challenge for many here in Canberra. The thing that really shits me though is when you go somewhere with unmarked parking spaces (eg the Show, Hall Markets) and have to drive around trying to find a park when people have parked with huge gaps between their cars - usually half to 3/4 of a car wide. F***ing hell I think, if those f***wits could park properly, there'd be space for another xx cars.

Ampersand Duck said...

Ooh, it's my local shops :)

Now come on, haven't you noticed that in this new millenium white lines are SCARY? Just watch people stopping their cars at traffic lights -- at least 6ft back from Teh Scary White Line!

We think it's hilarious and laugh roundly at them (from the safety of our car). Unfortunately, having a hippy painted car doesn't give us much dignity in the matter, but we laugh roundly anyway.