Sunday, December 17, 2006

He's gone for it

Can you believe it. The third test isn’t even over yet and they’re flogging a DVD of the second test (‘Amazing Adelaide’).

Keep an eye out for the framed promotional poster commemorating the new record for fastest and most shameless cricket merchandising effort! Limited to a million copies - give in to hysteria.

Also, just while we're cricketing - Shane Warne's hair.

Nine's super shlow-mo camera shot looking down the pitch clearly shows Warnie is still stone-cold bald on top. Advanced Hair hasn't given him more hair, they've just got him to grow in longer.

I think they should get the "hot spot" camera onto it - show where the heat is escaping most quickly to demonstrate exactly where there aint no hair no more.


Anonymous said...

So . . . sort of more of a "cold spot" camera?

Or, a "desolate hair-free zone" camera?

Anonymous said...

I notice that on the hot spot camera the batsmen's crotch is glowing a nice stark white. Either his crotch is a land of warmth or is as frigid as all hell.

Either way i prefer the crotch NOT being highlighted for the world to see.