Monday, February 05, 2007

Adult content

This is the packaging for a Cars movie-themed piece of merchandise they are flogging down at the local Big W.

"Racy fun"?! With a kids' toy?

If you say so...

Whilst I was there, I noted a contender for gayest DVD cover-art EVAH! (to the exclusion of actual, proper gay movies, mind you):

What is going on, hot, young Rob Lowe?

What does Patrick Swayze look so pleased about? Lurking there in the background...

I tell you, DVD technology aint all it cracked up to be.


JahTeh said...

Rob Lowe, with whipped cream and nothing else. Swayze just doesn't do it for me.

&Duck said...

Shocking packaging; almost as bad as this.

I've seen/heard a lot of sneering about that movie cover, but have never watched the movie. Did you watch it?