Thursday, February 15, 2007

For your consideration

So, what does it mean when one of your colleagues has a framed photo of himself up at his desk…?

No one with him, just himself, standing there, looking at the camera.

And there are no other photos or personal items on the desk.

As I see things, we have three choices here:



All of the above, I’m betting.


mindlessmunkey said...

He could also be completely self-absorbed and up himself (but let's not try and represent that one pictorally).

Ampersand Duck said...

heh. I think you're looking for this:

Ampersand Duck said...

Or we can try that as a link for those that don't like walking...

Anonymous said...

I'm hungry. Is it time for breakfast?

grundnorm said...

You took the words right out of my mouth, Anonymous. I really want some froot loops right now...

Anonymous said...

you know i have two chums who have (or at least had) pictures of themselves up in their houses

and this may be a coincidence - and may be interesting, though probably not, but they were both very similar in a number of tother ways too - both were chaps - and both went to chap only school - all the way from grade 1 through to 12 - and - this is where is gets really interesting - both are pretty intelligent but came across as just a tad naive a little socially inept and both seemed to grow up with the expectation that they would end up with some supermodel wife - and nothing else would do - this might surprise you but i don't think either did

both seemed to value beauty in a partner above all - but also seemed to think that the only way they would get this partner would be to be really fit and slim and muscular and all that

ie you have your friends for companionship and your partner for sex

but, i wish i had not already falsely said this is where it gets interesting - because i would say it now, but i lied before and so i will shoulder that responsibility and move on with things - i reckon they were both prepared to forgo the companionship thing altogether - ie they would expect that they would have to give up their friends for the relationship without any expectation that they would get any similar companionship stuff out of the relationship - that is just what one does in a relationship

this is just like uni essays - i can't bear to reread it - so i will just post

if it does not seem interesting to you dear reader - perhaps you should reread it

or perhaps it is just beyond you

you should get a drunk filter on you site csh