Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Send it to the pound (I'm so sorry)

Ten takes a very po-mo, deconstructive approach to the definition of ‘celebrity’

So Celebrity Dog School only managed to scrape together 527,000 viewers on Sunday night (compared to the evening’s top performer, Ugly Betty, with 2 million viewers)…

When will TV execs learn? Any show with ‘dog’ in the title will most definitely live up to its name whilst providing loads of gag-heavy material for TV writers (think Dog Eat Dog and the notorious Dog’s Head Bay).

No doubt the show’s producers are chasing their own tail trying to come up with ideas to prevent it rolling over and playing dead (or eating its own vomit, for that matter). Hopefully they’ll be able to teach the show some new tricks or they’ll be going home with their tail between their legs.


These are basic laws of nature to be defied at your own peril, Network Ten.

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Anonymous said...

watched real telly tonight! that sarah blasko is a bit jolly strange - unpleasantly so

even though she is a fundamental christian i though i would fancy her (well not heaps and heaps - but a little ) - you know what i felt?


not a sausage

pretty interesting huh?

i'll tell you something comicstriphero - and i will tell you this for nothing - you go on about a lot of stuff but you seem to conveniently skip over the stuff that really matters in this world

like three-cornered jacks - i don't like them at all

i also don't like people with dogs that bark when you walk past their house

and people who say "i would have a lot more respect for cyclists if they paid registration like other road users"

and people who justify any behaviour at all by saying well if i didn't do it someone else would

and people who beep their car horn when they are picking somebody up or to say goodbye

or people who are just plain annoying

like tamea

and people who clutter up nice blogs with drunken nonsense

i hate them most of all