Monday, August 20, 2007

Looks who is effluent now.

"The first [ad] break doesn't come until about 10 minutes in and they don't feel too intrusive to us because the story really gets under way."
Oh bollox.

You know, you could have just said "Seven offered us $6 million" and that's all the justification I would need to hear for the move from the ABC. This kind of poxy justification for the incorporation of advertisements into the show is more than nauseating.
In any event, be sure to keep your shark-jumping detection kit handy...


Mary Bennet said...

Six million? That makes sense now.

I didn't think the first episode was THAT bad - not fantastic but not bad either. the only really irritating thing was that Kimmy's lost some weight so the fat jokes didn't really work.

philbert83au said...

I think I missed most of the jokes, if they were there. It wasn't tight and well-done like it was in previous seasons. Will persevere in any event.

Still, I'm not expecting much cause everything that went commercial from ABC went to bollocks, GNW, Frontline &c.