Monday, September 17, 2007

Oh dear.

I went and missed failed to watch Idol last night.

Pretence of woe, teeth-gnashing, etc.

(Just because I really do love a pun) Last night staying home to watch Idol lost out to going out to watch a performance by my idol.

I finally saw Tori Amos live in concert, leaving me with a much shortened list of things I must do before dying.

Holy. Heck.

What monstrously talented and straight-out amazing performer. Topped off by a sequinned American flag asymmetrical jumpsuit and incredibly rare live performance of Me and a Gun.

I was in Tori-fan heaven.

Words are failing me, so I'm just going to go off to the side here and drool and sigh for a little while.






But, I know y'all didn't come here for the fawning.

Y'all are after some good-old fashioned, mindless and not at all well-informed hatin'.

The good news there is that I did manage to see Carl Risely’s performance before leaving home last night.

After witnessing him vomit up Coldplay's Clocks (this is 'rock', how?), there'll no doubt be some Carl-apologists saying in his defence that night’s theme of ‘rock’ clearly doesn’t fit his performance style.

News flash! There will only ever be one night that fits his performance style! And that's if the producers choose to have a banal-swing-pap night this year! Finger crossed.

Speaking of those fine, genius producers at Idol, kudos for choosing last night’s show to launch the new product tie-in with Head & Shoulders.

Nothing says ‘rock ‘n roll’ like anti-dandruff shampoo.


TLA said...

Maybe once the H&S kicks in Mr Risible can stop wearing those stupid hats.

Stupid stupid Mr Risible.

And his hats.

Not that I wanted the quirky chick to stay in, but why is Mr Risible still in it?

TLA said...

Oh, and you already know I am teh jellus about Tori.

bec. said...

Once i saw Ani Difranco, PJ Harvey and Tori Amos in the span of about a year.

Goodness me, that was an awesome year.

Aimee said...

Wow. I saw both Tori concerts in Melbourne, but I am blown away that she did Me and a Gun. I had no idea she even performed it anymore.

lisa said...

i saw Tori earlier in the year in London and it was awesome, so much better than her last tour out here a few years ago.

She played "Siren" and i almost died