Monday, September 10, 2007

Poll dive

Recently leaked Crosby-Textor analysis has revealed the following reasons the electorate I despise Carl Risely:
  • The hat
  • The song
  • The complete lack of talent
  • The hat
  • The artless mimicking of my mortal enemy, Michael Buble
  • The rancid jingoism and exploitation of being in the Navy (you play a freaking trumpet, you retard!)
  • The hat
Also, Carl, when asked why you chose Waltzing Matilda did you have to say “because I’m Aussie”?

I mean, I never would have guessed you are. Not with the show being called FRICKIN’ AUSTRALIAN IDOL or anything.

But, obviously, Carl thinks this says something about his personality. And, despite the obvious point that highlighting an attribute that is common to about 20 million people shouldn’t suffice as a means of distinguishing yourself amongst a group of 12 people, I think it does say something about his personality.

Pictorially, some other people happy to select "Aussieness" as a defining characteristic:

'Nuff said, Carl.


thisisme said...

Aaaargh - warn us before you post those last two photos next time! My retinas ... they burn

LaLa said...



shula said...

How is it that I can laugh my bum off at this post and I don't even watch Australian Idol.

I do wish you'd run for Prime Minister.

Anonymous said...

Carl Risely makes me think of Karen on Will and Grace, when she says simply of one of Grace's boyfriends "He should be killed".


Anonymous said...

good photo choice for australian patriotism

TLA said...

That photo of the PM would have to be one of my all-time favourite photos.

It's a classic image, in much the same vein as that photo of the girl running down the street in Vietnam, or the self-immolating Buddhist, or the World Trade Centre towers collapsing.

Except this one makes me larf my 4rse off. Every. Time.

Anonymous said...

I love Carl Risely! I think he is super talented and he's so SEXY!! and i think a lot of people must agree because he has made it this far!