Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Poll Pole position

A tale of two Aussie underdogs, charging towards certain victory…

Young Kevin Casey has been followed closely by many commentators fans as he worked his way up through the Department of Foreign Affairs 250cc championship and then a high-profile stint as foreign affairs spokesman for the opposition debut season in the premier class of motorcyle racing, MotoGP, which featured a few spectacular learning curves.

Promoted to the leadership front-running Ducati team for this year, Kevin Casey surprised everyone leaping to the top of the polls standings with early popularity gains wins on the clearly dominant Ducati machine.

It was at this stage that the Government his detractors and rivals attributed Kevin's Casey's success to the honeymoon effect extra top-speed the Ducati had compared to rival machines.

But he kept on delivering positive polling results winning, with victories in Qatar, Shanghai and Instanbul.

Then the press his detractors claimed that once the Budget was delivered Moto GP circus moved to the tight, twisty European circuits, which lacked the long straights on which the Ducati had shown early-season dominance in Qatar, Shanghai and Instanbul – then the Government would receive a massive poll bounce Casey would succumb to the more talented and technically proficient riders.

But they were wrong, as Kevin’s continued rise as preferred PM Casey's stunning victory in Catalunya, backed up next round at a very wet Donnington Park demonstrated.

Still his detractors insisted he would suffer from scandalous revelations about his past fall behind, run out of fitness and get complacent. But poll race after poll race, he piled on the points.

Coming into this last weekend, there were great expectations that a positive poll result would see Kevin's Casey's rivals lose their nerve and call an early poll and allow him to run away with the victory Championship.

After all, the previous race, in Misano, had seen 4-time election winner 7-time world champion and current electoral championship rival John Howard Valentino Rossi suffer a complete brain engine failure causing him to announce his retirement in the next term retire from the race.

Everyone had expected Howard Rossi to claw back some points after the APEC Leaders’ week introduction of pneumatic valves to his Yamaha YZR M1's engine. Add to this that Kevin Casey had piled on a massive 19-point 2 party preferred Newspoll lead 85-point championship lead and it seemed like the election championship was in the bag.

But, over the weekend, some stunning Newspoll results improvements from Valentino’s Yamaha led to a bout of crowing thrilling win for Kevin's Casey’s main rival.

This led to fervent speculation that the election Casey's ultimate victory would be delayed until after the next sittings round in Motegi, this weekend.

But Kevin Casey still commands a 10-point 2 party preferred lead 76-point championship lead with only 3 races to go.

Surely now we can prepare the ground for Kevin's Casey's triumphant arrival at the Lodge the Australian GP at Phillip Island in October as super-duper PM World Champion 2007?

Although history sounds a cautionary note for Kevin Casey. Who could foreget when in 2001 the Opposition leader at the time championship leader Nicky Hayden looked destined for victory only for that effing Tampa boat to float into Australia's waters his team mate to spectacularly take him out of the race!

Millions wait in anticipation!


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