Friday, February 06, 2009

The hard questions. Asked here.

Is it wrong of me to ignore an email from a colleague, just because she spelled my first name incorrectly?

And I don't just mean a typo. I mean wrong by about 50% of the total letters in my first name (which, before you ask, is definitely not hard to spell).

The error comes despite having worked together for 12 months, and despite the fact she would have had to have entered my name in when entering my email address.

Well anyway, that urgent email is going to sit there for a while. At least for as long as it takes me to finish this post...

Which, in a seamless segue, is something I was originally going to put on twitter. But I realised that I have been foregoing blogging in favour of the odd random tweet.

In particular I'm quite happy with the developing thread of tweets on the new, 18 year-old admin assistant here at work that manages to insert a reference to McDonalds into just about every conversation.

For example, when I complained of a stomach ache, I was usefully informed that cheeseburgers are a surefire cure for stomach ache. When we experienced a blackout, I was urged to race down to McDonalds as they would most certainly be throwing out a whole load of burgers.

Both of these were absolutely ripping suggestions for a vegetarian such as myself (mmmm, unrefrigerated processed meats - delightful!)

Totally worth signing up to twitter and following me just for that.

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