Monday, February 16, 2009

Pointless rant #372 - freak weather pattern edition

I saw people on the weekend wearing scarves.

Honest to goodness, scarves.

The minute the temperature drops below 20 degrees, Sydney people freak and bust out the polar fleece and heavy coats. Despite the fact it's still 95% humidity.

Maybe they're adopting the jockey weight-loss regimen and they're trying to sweat themselves down to their racing weight.

Buncha clowns, I tells ya.


M-H said...

Agree (1,000). There were polar fleeces at uni from last Monday. Then I developed a cold on Tuesday and someone at work told me that was because the weather had suddenly got *so cold*. (No, it's because someone passed a virus on to me.) It's one of the few things I hate about Sydney, the way people are so precious about small temperature drops.

Bernice said...

It's the humidity apparently. The higher the ambient humidity, the more humans notice slight temperature fluctuations. Moisture on skin + lowering temperatures = chilling effect. Plus they're a bunch of whingebags. Particularly the four wheel driving ones.