Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Hey, I got a new friend

Fact 1: Australia has a pretty piss-poor rate of conversion to digital telly.

Fact 2: We could easily fix this by widely advertising the fact that the ABC2 digital-only service is currently running the first (and best) season of Degrassi Junior High in PRIME TIME!!!

The fashions! The teen-angst! The theme song! The quotes!

"C'mon Wheels, it's the '80s!!"


"Ceeetlun's a lushbeeyun"

(translated from the Canadian dialect as "Caitlin's a lesbian" - zomg, teenage personal-awakening moment relived!)

If the gummint got onto this brilliant strategy, we'd no doubt be able to bring analogue switch-off forward to, well, next month!


LaLa said...

"Wake up in the morning, feelin' sad and lonely,
I've got to go to school.
Don't think I can make it, don't think I can take it... something, something, something..."


I had a crush on Wheels. How mortifying.

bec said...

My gf and i have been watching this EVERY day! Oh god, the memories, the moral lessons!

comicstriphero said...

Bec - I know. So many moral dilemmas!

Those poor kids. Couldn't get through a day of school without having to navigate complicated interpersonal crises.

Woodsman said...

Thanks god someone else heard the line "caitlin's a lesbian" cos for the past 15 years every Caitlin i have met I have immediately launched into "Caitlin's a Lesbian" in appropriate Canadian teenage twang voice and everyone has always looked at me like i was a complete FREAK!
Suddenly, i don't feel so alone.

PS Is my early teen memory true, did the school burndown for like about 8 weeks?

PPS I only wish i was half as cool as Joey Jeremiah.

cristy said...

Thank you. I would never have realised unless you mentioned it. I LOVE DEGRASSI.

When I was living in Vancouver I actually met Brains (the best friend of Stephanie K's little brother). He was managing a bar and was amused by my Australian love of Degrassi. He also caught me up on all the Degrassi gossip:

- He never wore glasses (I was and remain shocked by this).
- Joey Jeremiah was his best friend and had just gotten married back in Ottawa.
- Caitlyn was a journalist in Toronto.
- Stephanie K was living in LA trying to break into screen acting.

One of the happiest nights of my life... (sad I know).