Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Must. Stop. Watching. Miami. Ink.

All I can think about is getting big, eff off tattoos all over my arms.

Just to complete the whole ‘stereotype’ look I’m after.

Furthermore, I keep throwing away perfectly good money on tattoo magazines.

LovelyWife: Can you pick up some milk on the way home?

Me: Uh, not until payday. I spent my last $30 on the latest airmail copy
of Skin Deep.

LovelyWife: Divorce!

Maybe I’m just trying to convince myself that even though I sit in an office for 10 hours a day busily serving the government, I’m still some kind of underground uber-dyke.

Who am I kidding.

I am a total and utter square.

Plus, whenever I think of tattoos I just think of how terrible they can look.

Today’s koi fish is tomorrow’s faded celtic armband after all.


shula said...

Just beware the tautological tattoo.

Cool Ice.....as opposed to....?!


comicstriphero said...

Things I love about that picture:

The skeleton is wearing sunnies...awesome

The 'ice' is written in different directions on each forearm.

"CooL" is written with an unnecessary capital 'L'.

lucy tartan said...

the skeleton is doing the Hokey Pokey as well as wearing sunglasses.

I thought you would like an email I got yesterday:

For all Female Staff ( Men please do not open )

Dear Ladies,

In the past couple of weeks there have been a number of incidents, where a slight mess has been left behind on toilet seats. I would be most grateful if staff could have a look at the toilet seats prior to leaving the toilet and perhaps wipe up any urine left on the seat. I know I have sent this email out several times before, but the problem continues to exist. We will investigate purchasing disposable toilet seat covers which may help those who do not actually sit on the toilet seat.


(Mr Git)

JahTeh said...

Well I've only got one thing to say, the tatoos take my eyes away from the 'only a mother could love' head. Sorry CSH, he's not a relation I hope.

comicstriphero said...

Dear GOD Jahteh - I'm almost offended!

Mr CooL ICE is nothing more than the result of some crafty googling, thanks very much.


Lucy - that deserves to be forwarded to a zillion people, with the original sender's name left in. Name and shame.

Woodsman said...

I really wish i wasnt attracted to ugly bogans...but i'd kick it.

Go the Pamela barbwire armband, it is a timeless classic that will never remind anybody of Hepatitis.

Binxi said...

Recent Lurker, First time Commenter. Sorry, but it's a long'un.

I recently met another person who had Really Cool Tattoos. My friend and I were out at a bar one night and this scrawny guy with shaved head and mega-attitude came up to us. He told us that if he intimidated us, just let him know and he'd leave. Apparently lots of girls find him intimidating.... (afterwards we realised we should have just said we were intimidated so he'd feck off).

We made pointless conversation with him and he told us he was in a band. When we asked him what sort of music he played, he replied 'Punk Rock' and made two fists and put them together with thumbs up. One thumb said "Punk", the other "Rock". As you could imagine, when faced with such a hardcore male specimen, we were ovulating then and there.

We made our excuses and escaped to the loos. It was fun trying to work out later, if you got that tattoo, would you get it so you could read it, or so you could do the thumb thing to show others? Chicken or Egg?

It was only afterwards I realised that when he told us what music he played, I should have asked him if he wears flowers in his hair.

comicstriphero said...

Binxi - I have lurkers? Wow. I feel all, internetty.

Anyway, HAH HA AHAHAHAHHA. What a tule. I'm surprised you managed to get out of there without committing involuntary manslaughter.

Woodsman - that armband, and Melanie Griffith's Antonio love heart tattoo are THE worst celebrity tattoos.

Mikhela said...

In Canberra, you live with Australia's best tattooist, Ex De Medici. Go for it!