Friday, January 27, 2006

Ground Zero

As I appear to be the only sucker who has turned up to work on this vexed Friday, jammed between a public holiday and a weekend, I thought a little game of ‘spot the difference’ might be in order.

Picture A – The Cronulla ‘Definitely not Racially Motivated’ (according to Johnny) Riots.

Picture BAd for new Coke 'Zero'

Yeah! That was fun, huh! Let’s play again.

Picture A – Cronulla riots

Picture B – Ad for new Coke 'Zero'

This is even more addictive than that ‘whack the penguin’ time-wasting computer game!

Picture A - The Cronulla Riots

Picture B - Ad for new Coke 'Zero'

So what was your score? Zero?

Thought so.


Zoe said...

Great post.

I'm at work too. Dealing with Telstra all day.

comicstriphero said...

Ouch! Fate worse than death!

Well, maybe, almost.

Enny said...

I didn't mind working today - at least it was air-conditioned and I didn't have to pay for my phone calls!

Lucy Tartan said...

oooh, very well spotted.

comicstriphero said...

Enny - Word. No one likes being at home stuck trying to blog a post with pictures on dial-up.

Lucy - Thanks. I like your hair cut.