Monday, January 09, 2006

Hi-ho. Ho-hum.

Here I am, back at work. Or, more accurately, my place of employment (no a lot of 'work' going on around here right now).

Here I am, instantly procrastinating by compiling two lists related to my first day back...

Not so hot…

1. That really depressing feeling you get when you realise that it feels like you never left, nothing has changed, and it is a long time until your leave entitlements start to accrue again.

2. All the empty desks around the place – if my holidays have ended then everyone else’s should have as well, dammit.

3. Discovering that all the pesky, fiddly, annoying little jobs that I’d left unfinished before my leave haven’t magically resolved themselves whilst I was away, despite all my wishin’ and hopin’.

4. Opening up my email to find 15 bulk emails from friends/relatives/acquaintances telling me how wonderful Christmas is in Salzburg, New York, Basra, etc… Shut up already.

5. Opening up my email to find a so-called friend had thoughtfully emailed me a picture of Lee Harding with the sole intention of pissing me off on my first day back. Thanks a lot. Now, where’s my enemies list...

6. Once again sharing a bathroom with strangers and the various unhealthy odours that are associated with this pleasure. And when did washing your hands become optional, anyway? Filthy, filthy people.

7. Watching my tan fade.

Slightly on the plus side (a very short list, this one)

1. Really bitchin’ fast (and apparently unmonitored) internet access.

2. The motivation to blog that only being at work can provide.

Back at work? Got something add? Let us all know how many food items you left rotting in the work fridge over Christmas...


357martini said...

It's still Sunday here....I'm enjoying your yesterday.....thanx for reminding me how much I'll hate work tomorrow....

with friends like these... said...

All I'm saying is:

She's just like wasabi
Looks like a barbie
Yeah she's too hot for me
She's like a sunami (sic)
Can wipe out an army

Enny said...

*ugh* back at work too, but unfortunately they seem to have done some funny techo-hightech-techy thing where I can't post rfom there - my days would move soooOOOOooo much un-honey-slower!

comicstriphero said...

357martini - back at work? lovin' it?

enny - no posting at work? Argh! Worst nightmare! Or, if that is too melodramatic, 'really not very nice office-related nightmare'.

So it turns out that my 3 bosses are all on leave this week. So I guess I should be using some kind of 'initiative' and should be doing some 'self directed' work.

So far I haven't gotten past looking these terms up in the dictionary.

Ms Misanthropist said...

Fuck! I start work next week. Nooooooooo I don't wanna goooooo!

I have to share the bathroom with the entire floor. Once I told a woman that she forgot to wash her hands. I couldn't help it. She washed them and pretended as though she genuinely forgot. I have to touch that door handle man. I think the reason people don't wash their hands is that hand soap is the same stuff they use to wash the floors. Luckily human beings have 7 layers of skin.

The stairwell and lift of my parking station always smells of homeless piss and if I get the train, it stops at Blacktown where inevitably an acne covered heroin addict sits next to me and starts talking to me.

I'm not even going to get started on my boss.

I look at the pictures in the post below and I feel for you man. Buy a lottery ticket.