Monday, November 14, 2005

Now that Daniel Spillane is gone, I've had to find someone new to hate on Idol...

So I've chosen this idiot.*

One trick pony.

Its been pretty much the same shtick since you sang Footloose at the group auditions, hasn’t it? Just speed up the tempo of some random pop song.

Oh, that’s right, you totally ‘pushed your boundaries’ when you sang that Michael Jackson ballad (vomit). Those boundaries ended up being a lot narrower than you thought, huh.

And what’s with the miming? You have to mime each lyric you sing?

Maybe it helps you understand what you are singing about, but I promise you, we can all understand “before you throw my heart back on the floor” without you grabbing at your chest and pretending to throw something on the floor.... You tool.

Here he is, telling us what "drive into the heart of me" (thanks to TSSH) looks like:

Yes, he is pretending to operate a steering wheel.

Sheesh. So annoying.

*Its totally hilarious, that when you go to the Australian Idol website looking for the contestants, they are listed under a menu title 'Talent'. Makes me feel wrong just clicking on it...


grundnorm said...

Can I be the first one to say: the hair is not crazy, it's not zany, and it is certainly not attractive. It is just butt-ugly. Lee Harding, it looks as though Rainbow Brite has coughed up a furball on your head.

Ms Misanthropist said...

That guy sucks major arse - literally. Is this what passes for punk these days?

Duchess said...

I just wanted to tell you that your blog is hilarious. I am from the U.S. and after reading your blog I hate this Idol.