Wednesday, November 09, 2005 a Rhinestone Cowboy

November is a bad month in Canberra StinkTownTM.

Firstly, bogong moths. Apparently, it is well known that StinkTownTM, being on the migratory path for these flying pieces of sh*t, is a major attraction for bogong moths. The lights of Parliament House act as a beacon, drawing in hundreds of thousands of the little disease bags.

What is less well known, I suspect, is that within the 'major attraction' that is StinkTownTM, there is an even stronger beacon. Specifcally, my head.

Or even more specifically, my head, at night, when I'm in bed.

Sneaky little f*ckers.

Of course, this leads to me jumping around the room in my undies pyjamas with a shoe in one hand and a can of Baygon in the other getting madder and madder at the squeals of laughter coming from the Good Wife as I attempt to spray and swat moths at the same time.


Apparently I adopt some kind of comical martial arts-style attack pose. So what.

And November is the peak month for this.

At least I know I'm not alone!

Also pissing me off is stupid bloody November afternoon thunderstorms. Its like what Gareth says of jelly: I just don't trust the way they move.

And they come every single day with the black clouds and the scary thunder and unfunny hailstones, threatening to damage my car's body panels and inflict much pain and bruising if I happened to be out on the motorcycle.


So anyway, on another note, occaisionally of a morning I am treated to the glorious sounds of MandyFM.

MandyFM is named after the GoodWife who now and then wakes up with a stunning array of classic music tracks in her head and has the decency to share them with me (bless her heart).

So this morning's treats were:

1. She Bangs - Ricky Martin
2. Erotica - Madonna
3. Rhinestone Cowboy - doesn't matter who sang it first
4. Chained to the Wheel - Black Sorrows

With gems such as these, who needs real radio?


Anonymous said...
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Ampersand Duck said...

Hey, good to know someone else has a groovy/daggy jukebox in their heads 24/7. Who needs an ipod when you can dredge up your own mix? Unfortunately, my partner doesn't enjoy DuckFM. He listens to Radio National with headphones. Lack of imagination, I say...

comicstriphero said...

Hey, what's on DuckFM?

This morning, we had believe it or not, I'm walking on air