Thursday, November 03, 2005

Choices - but not for you! For someone else.


Sounds a bit like McDonalds' “Deli Choices” to me. And probably just about as appetising.

So does that mean we’ll all line up and tell some poor shmo in an apron and plastic gloves what ‘choices’ we want with our working conditions?

Me: I’ll take some unfair dismissal and non-compulsory superannuation thanks! No meal breaks though, I’m on a diet. But I will have pickles. Ta.

On an only slightly related note, have you ever watched those gubmint Workchoices advertisements with the sound down?

You know, the ones where everything’s ‘protected by law’?

And you know that those things most definitely will be protected by law because they use that graphic effect that looks like a rubber stamp slamming down onto the screen saying 'protected by law' – because apparently that’s how they make laws these days (and don’t they know you can get way better stamps than that these days? Ones that aren’t all scratchy looking and crude?)

Well anyway, if you watch it with the sound down, and they play the version where they talk about maternity leave, it totally looks as if they are saying that being pregnant is ‘protected by law’ (as the stamp slams down on the torso and belly of an anonymous pregnant fraulein).

Yeah, thanks for clearing that up.

Well, it is kinda funny. I guess you had to be there.

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