Friday, November 04, 2005

Post Melbourne Cup madness! (Well, not quite madness, just a little bit of office narkiness)

I was perusing the office sweep results on the kitchen noticeboard on Tuesday afternoon when some-jerk-colleague asked me if I had won anything in the race what stops a nation's brains.

When I said that I didn't even enter, she said "oh, I guess it must be against your religion, or something" in an annoying and sarcastic hoity-toity voice.

"Shut up, bitch!" is what I said... in my head.

I actually just noted that by not entering, I ensured 100% odds (ok, I know a percentage isn't actually 'odds', but, whatever) of keeping my money.

They took it the wrong way.

People can be so sensitive when they've lost a sh*tload of money and had too much champagne.


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