Tuesday, November 29, 2005

An evening of backward women

The Lovely Wife and I were joined by Stack and a few others on Friday night at Lesbian Idol Icon (Grundy Television are threatening to sue, party poopers).

According to the photos I took with the new, whizz-bang, Star Trek-esque portable, wireless mobile telephony device, it looks like it was quite an evening.

Thank goodness for the phone.

Otherwise I would only be left with the selected highlights that have somehow stuck in my memory.

If by 'highlights' I mean propping myself up against a wall in the Oporto car-park watching fooly sik burn-outs whilst wondering why I wasn't getting beaten up...

And you just know that is what I mean by 'highlights'...

This is what I've pieced together so far.

And no, it is not supposed to make any sense.

Looks good, huh!

I guess the Lovely Wife and I could start up a Canberra StinkTownTM version of Lesbian Idol Icon , but I'm not sure we'd get many takers. It would probably just end up being her and I sitting around in our lounge room singing Shania Twain (Man, I feel like a woman...)

Tickets are selling fast.


Georg said...

Thank you for reminding me of a wonderful night dear comicstriphero. Some weird coincidence, whilst reading your post I was on the phone, on hold. And what were they playing? Man, I feel like a woman...

Cheers ladies.

snorky said...

nice photos - much nicer people here

comicstriphero said...

much nicer people here

For a moment there I thought you were making some kind of Canberra/Sydney comparison.

Then I recalled our previous conversation regarding certain other web logs.

TLA said...


Sounds like quite the night.

If you held one in StinkTown you know they'd only end up making it fancy dress and forcing everyone to eat Turkish food.

pffft. Turkish food. pffffft.