Thursday, November 10, 2005

Loving the prosperity doctrine.

Sorry to get all serious on yo asses, but I never can resist an anti-Hillsong rant opportunity (always inspired by Darp, of course).

Who knew the prosperity doctrine extended to ripping off community grants programs!

“Labor MP Ian West told parliament on Tuesday night Hillsong Emerge had "misused the Riverstone Aboriginal community to get taxpayers' money for its own purposes.

Mr West said Hillsong Emerge had submitted a joint application with the Riverstone Aboriginal Community Association for $490,000 in funds from the National Community Crime Prevention Program, run by the department of Attorney-General Philip Ruddock.

That application failed, but a second application for $415,000 succeeded, without the knowledge of the Riverstone community, based around Blacktown in Sydney's west.”


Got to get me one of these t-shirts from Sweatshop Productions in time for my next trip home to the Hillsong homeland:

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