Sunday, June 04, 2006

Go sport!

The LovelyWife and enjoyed quite a marvellous footy match today, with the Swans (after predictably throwing away an early lead) managing to get their sh*t together for long enough in the final quarter to get up over the NorthMelbourne-WesternSydney-Canberra-maybeGoldCoast Kangaroos.

The sun was shining, beer was flowing in cans, pies were plentiful...ah, bewdy.

But can someone please explain what it is that makes people dress up in all their rugby union or rugby league supporters' gear when going to an AFL match?

And I'm not just talking about someone wearing a cap that happens to have their league team's colours or logo.

I'm talking about the people I saw today, who have obviously scraped together all their supporters' gear, such as the woman wearing a Brumbies jersey, under a Brumbies jumper, with a Brumbies scarf and a Brumbies hat!

Or the guy wearing a Raiders jersey (1989 stylie) with a Raiders hat under a Raiders beanie.

So I don't think that it is the case they had nothing else to wear. This appears to be pretty deliberate.

I just wanted to go up to these morons and shake them by the shoulders:

"What are you trying to say here?! Who exactly are you supporting? Sport in general? Do you really think it is possible to support 'sport'?!?!"

I really do not get it. If you like the Brumbies so much, why don't you just f*ck off to one of their matches and leave your seat free for an AFL fan?!

I understand that in StinkTown Canberra, we don't get that much AFL, so all those West Australians, South Australians and Victorians exiled here get to come along and give their Weagles, Port or tattered old Collingwood jersey an airing. This I understand.

I mean, at least they are wearing gear from the same sport they are watching. At least they are close.

But then again, Brumbies supporters in Canberra have always been insufferable - thinking that maybe, if they buy up really big on pointless merchandise (like Brumbies numberplates) they'll look like proper rugby fans, even if they've never had anything to do with rugby until the Brumbies started winning and they started going to matches...


Georg said...

Very good points you raise here. What I would like to say though is: just wait until the WC starts. It's happened already: I just flicked through the Sunday tolietpapers and the Socceroos/World Cup were EVERYWHERE. I know it's A GOOD THING that we finally got there but really, the article describing the 'cool' bars to watch the 'game' surrounded by beautiful people was the last straw.

Sorry, just had to get that off my chest.

And Jade out eh? Didn't see that coming. Not.

comicstriphero said...

'Sunday toiletpapers' ha ha! Love it.

Anyway, yes. Be prepared for the biggest bout of bandwagon jumping since the Wallabies won the World Cup in '99!

Zoe said...

I also think it's a poor show to wear a band t-shirt to a different band's gig. But I think that's just me.

I wasn't surprised about Jade, but disappointed. And did Dino appear to realise what a knob he had been by watching himself on telly? Or did I dream that bit, along with dreaming I had pashed farmer Dave (I have already admonished myself and further admonishment is unecessary).

comicstriphero said...

Zoe - precisely what is wrong with your dreamt Dave kiss?

I mean, as far as I can tell, he doesn't mind a bit of lady-pashing. Or have I been paying too much attention to that show...?

As for Dino, well, it wouldn't seem right that someone of his character would have such a realisation so easily. People of that level of 'ego' can normally sustain much more damning accusations of bad character and still come out smelling like roses (as far as they are concerned).

I have become rather bored lately with the focus on the Dino-Danielle-John 'love' triangle.

Zoe said...

Well he's very pretty n'all, but his early conversation about how he liked guys 'cos girls were too emotional and shit didn't sit well with me. As an added Freudian bonus, my dad (in the dream) was very cut at me kissing him.

With you on Dino - too smooth.

remy said...

You often see family groups at Swan's matches, mother and bored children decked out in swannies red and white (mum usually in one of those gingham lady scarfes - does anyone else hate them?), him in his stupid rugby gear, muttering about the "girly tackles" and getting too drunk.

You're right, it's SO STUPID. It's also an east coast thing. No-one would bloody dare do it back in my old country (Port Adelaide), where whole families dress exclusively in black white and teal - including watches and radios and hair ties and socks. And that's not even on game day.

Anonymous said...

would it better if people didn't jump on the bandwagon and didn't support our national teams? how dare they, those pesky part-time fans.