Friday, June 02, 2006

If I was ever to turn...

Well, that's not really likely, but OHMYGOD I love Paul Keating:

Howard has certainly shifted our moral compass, he has burnt our soul, he has played to the basics of human instincts, he has ... turned our sense of fairness and egalitarianism on its head

Hmmm, although I'm wondering if he meant to say "basest of human instincts".

Anyway, all of you who were of voting age at the 1996 election - shame on you!

He also brings up an area in which I think the current ALP leadership have been criminally negligent - combatting this notion Howard has managed to drive into the voters' minds that only the Coalition can manage the economy:

"The huge reform that occurred in the life of the Keating government, as distinct from the Hawke-Keating government, have underpinned the 15-year expansion," the former Labor leader said.

All this at the launch of a new book on our current and previous PMs.

The best bit though, was Keating's verdict on the book:

"Would I write a better book? Of course I would. I am a better writer and I know more," he said.

Forget Shorten, forget Grubbard Gillard, bring back Paul!

A labor leader with confidence? *Swoon*


Georg said...

From Baltic St we say: bring him back. I'm quoting now: "He knows about economics" and "he has intellgence AND compassion". Ok, that's it. Paul, come back, all is forgiven.

Veggie Friendly said...

The best part about his verdict is that's right. He does know more, and he writes good, too.

TLA said...

Anyway, all of you who were of voting age at the 1996 election - shame on you!


I was of voting age then and I voted Labor! I only get one vote (more's the pity - perhaps we should revisit this one vote/one value thing and give intelligent people/people who don't vote for candidates based on who looks nicer in their HTV photos more than one vote. I'm thinking something along the lines of:

intelligent people: 1,456 votes each
stupid nuffers: a gold star if they remember their own names and addresses when they turn up at the polling station but no voting for them at all)

I don't think that's too harsh, do you?

Sorry about the long comment.