Tuesday, May 30, 2006

What is that about?!

So, day 2 of the slightly-less-scary-by-the-day job and I'm starting to suspect my cubicle neighbour is a leedle bit kooky.

I was prepared to dismiss the reading out loud of documents and the laughing to himself whilst just walking along the corridor as quite harmless. I thought maybe I was noticing things a bit more given my forced re-acclimatisation to the open-plan lifestyle.

However, today I spotted him sitting in a nearby cafeteria at lunch time, with:
i) his tie flicked back over his shoulder (fine - a great way to avoid tie-in-soup syndrome);
ii) his eyes closed (okay...);
iii) mouth slightly open (but not in anticipation of an insertion of lunch); and
iv) head tilted back (and I mean right back).

And this went on for about 5-10 minutes. He was absolutely motionless.

Prayer? Power-nap? Meditation? Water on the brain?

I have to say though, he is a very energetic and amiable bloke. Maybe this weird zoning out thingo is the key to his enthusiasm and post-lunch freshness?


JahTeh said...

Transendental Meditation, (can't spell it) because a friend of my mother does this sort of thing in his car. He's always waking up to either the cops or ambo's. It seems he does it at the same time every day wherever he is.

Zoe said...

There was a napping activist on RN this morning as I got to work (late). Perhaps he's one of those?

Apparently they publish a list of "nap friendly workplaces" so we can make informed choices ...