Sunday, May 28, 2006

Sick as a ....

So that scary new job is looming tomorrow and I have somehow managed to pick up some nasty, energy sapping, mucous oozing, raspy coughing lurgy.


Luckily (or not, if sarcasm is not your cup of tea), the new boss has invited me along to a ‘really important’ meeting with ‘really important’ stakeholders at 10am on my first morning.


So anyway, on Friday I had to that really awkward ‘leaving a workplace’ ritual.

For me, this meant realising that I really had become quite close friends with some of the people I have worked with over the last 3 years. And then I thought about how much harder it is to make these friendships work without the casual convenience of daily proximity.


It was also looking bad for my big, tough, butch image (an hilarious description for those who know me, no doubt).

I had plans to let people know that I would really miss them, that I appreciated their guidance and mentoring, blah blah sentimental blah blah heartfelt, yaddah yaddah.

But I got all ‘motional and had to start pinching my leg through my pocket to stop myself from tear-ing up. Motorcycle ridin’, ex-rugby playin’, short haircut-sportin’ dykes really shouldn’t be caught blubbering you know.

I couldn’t actually get the words out without getting all properly upset, and I regret leaving most people with a simple “thanks for everything, goodbye”. But that’s what you get, innit.

And I thought I was going to be ok on Friday night. I thought I’d put some music on to cheer myself up and of all the songs in the world, iTunes had to pick this one from the Dixie Chicks*:

Farewell to old friends
Let's raise a glass to the bitter end
Farewell to old friends
Will you forgive me when I never see you again

Or words to that effect. And it was full of wistful slide-guitars and brush-drums.


*Yes, stop sniggering, the Dixie Chicks. I know country moozik aint that popular round these parts but there’s something a bit sexy about the way these ladies told George W to cram it with walnuts.


weasel said...

I'm all for the Dixie Chicks. I'd be even more into a Dixie Chicks on Speed mash up album, of course.

TLA said...

Hang on. Are you trying to tell snorky and me something here?!

comicstriphero said...

TLA - no no no no no no. Nothing like that at all! Sorry, that may have been misleading.

It was just the sentiment I think. Don't take it literally.

snorky said...

so quiet, so dark, so gloomy, so empty, so sad

work! huh-yeah What is it good for?

Absolutely nothing Uh-huh

comicstriphero said...

You alright over there snorky?

I note Mr Otter isn't covering his eyes, so it can't be all bad.

TLA said...

Mr Otter was just checking to make sure you were paying attention to Snorky's "Work" song.

Seems you were. Excellent.

As you were.