Saturday, May 27, 2006

Gay for play

Michael is such a bullsh1te artist.

You tube it here.


Galaxy said...

Agreed. His attempts to sweet talk his fellow housemates into not nominating for him didn't work, so now he's trying to manipulate the voting public. Snore. And Michael to 1993 8428.

Enny said...

I've got it too!

First recation: that's the secret
THEN, the more I think about it (all last night and this morning) it IS pretty likely he's just playing it up - but there's seems to be arguments for both sides!

In the meantime I'm constantly refreshing the sites and all the forums and can't WAIT to resolve what's happening!

weasel said...

Can someone offer more context? What preceded this? Has Michael intimiated to David that he's bi? Or has he suggsted that he is playing David?

Poor Rob has clearly been left behind for the straight boy!