Thursday, May 11, 2006

Grohl or Noll?

Is it too early to start making fun of dem miners yet?

Meh, probably not.

So, stuck 1km underground with only egg sandwiches and Foo Fighters on an iPod to keep you going.


Above ground with Shannon Noll and Eddie McGuire.

Not a hard choice really. Where's my shovel and miner's hat?

Edit: The LovelyWife says "if we're allowed to make fun of them now, what the heck kind of name is 'Brant' anyway?! I don't want to be mean - sure, he's just spent 2 weeks underground, but surely his parents weren't stuck underground when they named him!"


Ampersand Duck said...

Na, I did it the day they walked out.
Actually, my favorite idea was one I used in a comment at Sorrow at Sills Bend:

Forget the miniseries, let's use the concept for a new reality tv survival show:

Celebrity cages!

Two (or more, could be amusing) celebrities trapped in a cage underground with short rations and a videocam. Viewers vote to release them or leave them there.

I want to start with Alan Jones and John Laws. And just pretend we're going to let them out if they behave nicely.

weasel said...

I've already started thinking of ideas... see my blog

(starts singing 'see my blog' to tune of 'see my vest').

Georg said...

As soon as they appeared on the Footy Show they became fair game as far as I am concerned...

Lucy Tartan said...

Nice, friendly, happy-for-them-and-all sort of pisstaking is totally called for, I reckon, just to balance the media horrors that are just beginning to unfold.

I've read quite a lot of good jokes around the place, actually. That's a tops photo of Shannon Noll by the way.

Anonymous said...

Did they really give them EGG sandwiches while they were trapped in a confined space? Fark!