Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Post-traumatic cashing-in disorder

Sick of hearing about Todd and Brant? (I swear I thought his name was 'Grant' for the first 10 days or so)

Then don't be watching TV on Sunday night. Channel Nein has 'secured' the interview.

"F*ck! I never want to hear another f*cking word about that f*cking mining sh*t!" is something I'm sure I recall the LovelyWife saying or more than one occaision of late, bless her heart (and potty-mouth).

To cope, we should probably come up with some kind of drinking game for the interview.

Here are some starting suggestions:

Tracey Grimshaw asks "how they felt when [insert event/timeframe here]" - take a chug

Tracey Grimshaw asks "what kept you going down there" - take a chug

Tracey Grimshaw or the network voiceover use the word 'hero' - double chugs

Tracey Grimshaw asks "whose helmet was used as the toilet" - three chugs!

Tracey Grimshaw asks "would you have eaten the other bloke if he'd died" - double chugs

Todd and Brant display 'trademark sense of humour' or 'larrikin streak' - take a chug

Todd and Brant get teary - double chugs

Todd and Brant somehow manage to link their predicament to WorkChoices - scull! scull! scull! scull!

Hmmm, think I'd better start stocking up on alcy-hol right now!

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