Friday, May 12, 2006

The only (legally recognised) gays in the village

Everyone likes to dump on Canberra. Myself included, sometimes.

But, boy howdy Australia! Now we've got one up on all of youse! And I'm not just talking about our generous bicycle lanes and ability to buy grog in the supermarket.

Nyah nyah, us capital gays can now get formal recognition of our relationships.

That is, until the flesh easting zombie Attorney-General hatches a fiendish plan to overturn the laws.

So the LovelyWife and I must now make plans to make our beautiful relationship a mere formality. Good for us!

Although, I feel a bit sad for all you straight people. According to the Churchies, you're relationships are all doomed! (cue thunder and lightning and dramatic music)

For some reason, I'm not quite sure what (the Churchies don't always like to make themselves entirely clear on this point), the fact that we now have equal less-unequal rights 'undermines' marriage.

So all you nice, normal, straight people better start planning your divorces now. My advice would be to get in early, as I reckon the ACT bureaucracy is going to be pretty busy soon with all us gays getting 'recognised' and all you straight people ending your relationships because of that.

I'm sorry, I know it is a harsh situation to have to come to grips with. But you can't argue with the searingly brilliant logic of the Churchies' argument on this one.

PS $10 says that it will only take a couple of months for the Federal Government to have legislation ready to overturn the ACT's civil union laws.


Georg said...

So now you can get your relationship AND adopt? And you think that's something special? We still have Satellite, the Courty, and er, well, pretty piss-poor rights.

comicstriphero said...

Yeah I know. It takes a lot to top Satellite and da Courthouse.

But we can always visit those on weekends.

You can't visit our 'rights'.

But you can visit us, and bask in our reflected glory.

JahTeh said...

Your wedding will be a blog affair with free cake and booze I hope.

Georg said...

Comicstriphero is already married! Perhaps a blog post is in order, 8 months after the fact...