Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A great tragedy has befallen this country...

No, not the f*cking football result (f*ckety f*ck f*ck).

I'm talking about this:

7:30 pm
Channel Nine
Hey Hey By Request No. 2 (60 mins, Rated: G)
Genre: Comedy

Daryl Somers presents a one-hour special featuring the most viewer-requested segments chosen from Hey Hey It's Saturday over the past two decades. Includes What Cheeses Me Off, The Shove Boat, Jacki MacDonald, Chevy Chase, Take That, Christina Applegate and other classic funny bits.

"Genre: Comedy" ?!?!?!!?

I'll say it again: "?!?!?!?!?!?!?"

Also, it claims to be "the most viewer-requested segments". I hope to high heaven that these aren't recent requests. I don't think I could go on knowing that people are requesting this pap still.

I mean, if people want to request televisual horror, there are plenty of more recent examples to choose from. Comedy Inc, Clever or a couple of hours of Jessica Rowe's honking laugh on Today...

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TLA said...

Jessica Rowe's skeletal figure and honking laugh at 7.30pm?! You are truly a sadistic person, csh.

They could always play repeats of Hey Dad! or the Bob Morrison Show to really regress back to the 1980s.

/shakes head sadly/

Stupid Channel Nein. Stupid, stupid Channel Nein.

Not for this, though - just generally.

Oh, and btw, with the soccer? WE WUZ ROBBED, I TELLS YA!! ROBBED!

Stupid referee. Stupid, stupid referee.