Friday, June 09, 2006

I call this meeting to or-diddly-order

So this new job involves a LOT of meetings. And a lot of ‘pre-meeting’ meetings (something about strategy, don’t ask me).

But anyway, the point of this is to jot down three observations from a meeting this morning:

1. A guy in a poo-brown double-breasted suit and a green shirt had one really long hair growing out of his eyebrow – it was about 5cm long I reckon. Best bit was it looped out in front of his face and back down into his eye. He didn’t seem to notice though. I was sitting side-on from him so I was transfixed;

2. A woman brought along a small leather pencil case full of her favourite pencils (yes, pencils). I’m intrigued – convenient, but definitely kooky and my question is, how many pencils do you need in a 45-minute meeting?; and

A guy with a flat-top haircut and a handle-bar moustache was making a sketch of the person across from him (who he’d only just met) in his notebook. And he wasn’t trying to do it surreptitiously, he was sketching for a bit then looking up at the person, sketching, looking up, and so on and so forth.

Crazy Canberrans.


JahTeh said...

This much lunacy in one room and JHo thinks gay marriage will be the end society.

JahTeh said...

That's 'end of society'