Monday, June 19, 2006

We wuz robbed

I don't feel like I can make fun of freaky tourette's John from Big Brother, so instead, I'm going to make fun of those nasty Brazilians.

So, spot the difference:

And again:

I know it's hard to split them, but try your best.


Zoe said...

You are a complete genius.

And I think John's Tourette's is voluntary, btw.

weasel said...

Hmmm... sport-related nationalism blossoming into something arguably somewhat racist? Who'da thunk it?

comicstriphero said...


Are you for real?

I mean, really, come on.

Ronaldhino is well known for his big teeth - hence the donkey comparison.

Ronaldo's growing girth has been the focus of endless news reports - hence the shrek comparison.

Even though it does kinda suck the fun out of the joke, I've laid out some some "contemporary football news 101" for you.

But anyway, whatevs.

JahTeh said...

Love it, can't wait until you do Parliament.

tonch said...

Grrr we should have won for having better teeth alone. Stupid soccer.

Jack said...

The resemblence is amazing! lol. I like your blog, you are linked :)

comicstriphero said...

Thanks Jack! I like your lounge logo...

weasel said...
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weasel said...

Hmm... From a sport-hating perspective it just looked like two pictures of men darker than 'us' being compared to a donkey and an ogre...

So I'll concede 'twas not your intent (I did say 'arguably'), but you've gotta see my point?

And surely, one can't deny the racism that spews forth with all this soccer bizzo.

Overheard during the Aust-Japan match: "THAT'S for PEARL HARBOUR!"

God I fucking hate sport.

(and stupid typos)